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Michael Rae Infinity Canada SUP Team Rider

Michael Rae

Home: Barrie, Ontario
Surf Spot: Woodland Beach, Georgian Bay/ Nosara
Food: Extra cheese, well done please.
Other Interests: MTB and anything on a board.

When Mike was a toddler, if there was a puddle nearby he would find a way to ‘accidentally’ fall into it.  Not much has changed.

As a youth, Mike was fortunate to extensively paddle the waterways of Algonquin Park and the North Shore of Georgian Bay.  Time off the water was filled with skateboards and dreams of the perfect bowl.

In 2013 Mike was certified as a PaddleFit instructor and has been sharing the stoke for SUP ever since.  In 2016, at 50 years of age Mike caught his first real wave with the folks at Nosara Paddlesurf.  Mike’s obsession for chasing waves and tolerance for ice-cold water has grown every season since then.  In his words: “Best midlife-crisis ever!”.