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Josh Gordon Infinity Canada SUP Team

Josh Gordon

Home: Kincardine, Ontario
Surf Spot: Kincardine Pier, Salinas Grandes
Food: Chips
Other iInterests: Metal, Camping, Live music

Josh Gordon is a Great Lakes surfer from Ontario Canada. A passion for skateboarding and snowboarding from a young age led him to surfing and SUP. Josh is a pioneer of SUP Surfing on the Great Lakes and continues to develop the sport through his work with the Canadian Surfing Association, the West Shore Huron Classic surf competition, and the Kincardine Surf Club. To beat the Canadian winter blues he often takes trips to warmer climates and has dedicated years of SUP and exploration throughout the country of Nicaragua. Josh represented his home country of Canada at the 2014 ISA World SUP games. He continues to help develop the Stand Up Paddle scene on the Great Lakes and will be competing throughout 2018.