Supfreaks Canada

Genna Flinkman - Infinity SUP Canada Team Rider

Genna Flinkman

Home: Edmonton, Alberta
Surf Spot: Tofino / San O
Food: Sushi, Ice Cream, Reese
Other Interests: Skateboarding, Mountain Biking, Photography, Beer, Hockey, Dreaming about Surf

Relatively new to the SUP world, Genna is known for two things: A fast sprint/start and an angry look on her face. But don’t let the angry look and tattoos scare you, she is probably singing a terrible pop song in her head and smiling….on the inside.

In her second year of racing and sup surfing she won the Canadian SUP Surf title and earned her spot on team Canada for the 2017 ISA’s in the technical, sprint, and SUP surf events. 2017 took her to two stops on the Eurotour, earning a 3rd place in the spring race at Hossegor and a top 10 finish in the technical and distance. In Denmark, at the ISA’s, she finished 8th in the sprints and 14th in the technical. To round out the year she finished 14th overall at the highly competitive Pacific Paddle Games.