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Angry Downwind Fin / Prone Paddleboard Fin

Small minimal downwind style fin. Originally intended specifically for down winding we discovered this fin works equally well as an all around fin for prone paddle boards.

Shallow depth for ultra release and connecting bumps and swell. Enough base to grip and drive forward with a tapered shape allowing the fin to “slip” when placed in critical angles when bump riding. For technical bump riding you will occur swells coming from different angles and a little freedom in the tail adds more stability through forgiveness since your board will not catch rail edge at the wrong time because of an oversized fin.

Perfect balance of stability, speed, and release for downwind runs. With that said, this fin is considered too small for the Blackfish or Whiplash boards which have wider higher volume tails that require more fin.

100% carbon construction and foam core is super light and floats on it’s own. The buoyancy provides negative weight drag in the water. Premium construction.


Height: 8″

Base: 8″