The Wide Aquatic “Utility” line is a segment for everyone. These boards perform with the race and surf design DNA as our performance models but with a stable for all width range. Everyone needs one of these boards in the garage.


The E-Ticket is a board to take you anywhere, anytime. This is your ticket to a fun paddling experience. This board is based off of the original Blackfish design with a nice wide tail that keeps the outline in the back very parallel for stability and easy glide. The wide point forward outline in the nose keeps the width underneath and slightly in front of the stance for predictable – easy cruising stability and comfort.  The bottom contour is a hybrid-planning hull with the original Blackfish concave in the tail.  This has been adopted by many of the top brands over the last few years, Blackfish was the first! In addition to its world class DNA, we chose to build this board in our Wide Aquatic Innegra tech construction to it offer it at a great price and come in as a “lights out” value for this category.

E-Ticket Touring SUP Touring Boards

Wide Aquatic

The Wide Aquatic is max volume engineered with max performance for the larger surfer or beginner/intermediate that wants an easy ride. Shaping Hall of Fame Inductee Steve Boehne excels in designing performance boards for the larger 220+ surfer. Timeless design theory and characteristics come together in one board for the “big dogs”. Catch waves with ease, turn on a dime and enjoy the life aquatic! The big size also doubles as a fun cruiser board for the family on flat water.

Wide Aquatic Touring SUP Boards

We’ve been building surfboards since 1970 and we’ve taken our experience working with materials and offered up the “best in class” construction for the Wide Aquatic Series paddleboards. We use the highest quality materials and premium materials like Innegra in these builds which you don’t see in paddleboards in this price range. New traction, larger grab handle and resin colour work so the paint won’t chip off from the paddle strikes. Highest quality at an excellent price.


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