Our race boards are designed by Dave Boehne and tested by some of the worlds best. We are dedicated to progressing race design and helping riders reach their potential. With that mission in mind, we work year round on race boards
before we are ready to deem them production worthy. Our Carbon “skin” construction is top notch and we take the extra effort with the details in designing the traction, handles, and finish. We are the only board brand to offer twin
fin option in production. These boards are meant to look and ride like our custom shapes.


Flat Water / Mild Chop / Dugout Deck / Race

The Whiplash is THE fastest, most efficient board on the water. The revolutionary hybrid edge bottom with a mini-square tail design has proven to provide unmatched glide per stroke and fantastic stability in narrow
widths. This board works very well upwind, good capable light bump and downwind, and stable enough to ride/surf small bumps off the tail. The New Whiplash went through some small refinements. Similar to the Blackfish,
Dave Boehne kept with the unique and very fast edge step tail design and inverse Vee bottom concept. The nose entry got a sharper and more pronounced Vee shape underneath to cut the water even cleaner. The dugout got
carved out inside to achieve another 1″ width in the cockpit. Thinned out the tail to help it sink easier for agility while executing buoy turns and riding bumps. The bottom has a flatter rail panel under the feet
compared to 2019; this was lengthened to increase even more stability. We’ve shortened the step rail all the way back to the tailblock, which finishes off into a narrow square tail at the corners. This provides a cleaner
release, more control while back on the tail and a very slippery glide per stroke.

Blackfish Candice Appleby Design Series – NEW BOARD

The “LV” Low Volume Candice Appleby Series Blackfish These boards are a special collaboration with our long time team rider and undisputed GOAT of the women’s SUP world Candice Appleby! Candice is known the world
over for her legendary accomplishments as a competitor and is quickly becoming one of the best coaches to many paddlers through her Ocean Academy. Simply put Candice knows paddling and she knows her equipment. This
series Blackfish shares the same design and carbon construction as Candice’s favorite board the 2022 Flatdeck Blackfish, with the lighter weight rider in mind. Finally smaller, lighter riders can take advantage of a
custom designed board and reach their full potential. Matching sizes with a specifically tuned rider weight to volume ratio. Specific volume and sizing across the line as well as being offered in Candice signature
color ways designed by Candice of course! Multiple handle configurations, light weight low profile traction, large padded carry handle and a carbon fiber race fin all come standard.


Blackfish Flat Deck: Blackfish got all new Team Elite Carbon construction which resulted in the lightest and even more durable Blackfish boards we have ever made. We feel it offers the best
strength to weight ratio in the market. Infinity is known for our quality and the level has been taken up another notch. The blackfish is the All-Around king and has influenced an industry with the original Dave
Boehne designed hybrid planning hull surf concepts applied to SUP race designs. This board has showed it’s versatility year after year with world titles, gold medals, flatwater sprint wins, flat water distance
wins, and many victories in the ocean and surf racing around the globe all under the feet of some of the words best Candice Appleby, Shae Foudy, Itzel Delgado, Tyler Bashor and Kai Lenny. Blackfish is the fastest
board off the line, stable in all conditions, and a true one board quiver to conquer anything mother nature throws at you.

Blackfish Dugout – This “dugout” version takes Blackfish deeper into the elements. Taller nose, taller rails and much lower paddling experience. The dugout design allows Blackfish to have
increased upwind capabilities, smoother downwind bump riding, and side chop navigation. If you paddle mostly in the ocean or in water that generally gets wind and chop and that gets changing seasons and
conditions Blackfish Dugout is for you and will be ready.


This board design is intended for choppy waters, paddling downwind, as well as upwind. The Downtown excels in downwind bump riding, cross chop navigation and upwind grinding. Although a specialty board, many
people have adopted the Downtown as their everyday board for offshore stability. Stable, fast gliding and very maneuverable in the bumps. We took this feedback and kept with the same bottom design concept but
updated the smaller design features. First, we moved the entire cockpit further back to create more volume and a better placed “recovery” volume. The nose got refined and added more curve from the bottom up
creating more “kick” in the front for larger swells. Also, slightly softer entry in the nose simply for forgiveness in cross swell. This board is incredible upwind. The dugout got straighter rails creating a 1.5”
wider standing zone. The scupper covers offer more hydrodynamic properties and help for blocking water from coming inside the dugout from the scuppers. This board is offered in both a “dugout” and traditional
“flatdeck” options.

Carbon LTD
Team Elite