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Inflatable SUP – Air


Blackfish Air

We wanted to come out with the Blackfish AIR board last year but ultimately pulled back on its release to not rush the process in design. We have taken this time to really do it right. We believe we have one of the most incredible performance AIR boards on the market in this new board. The lighter, stiffer, and unique carbon lamination construction that offers up to 3X the stiffness for that “hard board” feel everyone is after.

Wide Aquatic Air

Expanding on our multi-purpose Wide Aquatic series we introduce the lightweight AIR version! High quality, max  erformance, and not over designed. We’ve added enough bells and whistles you need and nothing you don’t. Light weight, stiff and durable drop stitch construction that is highly capable for your daily SUP adventure at a great price. These AIR board shapes mimic the outlines and shape of the rigid versions which are stable easy to ride all around designs only with the ease and convenience of an inflatable. Lightweight, top quality and fully equipped at a great price.


Wide Aquatic Air

E Ticket Air

The E-Ticket AIR is our highest volume, most stable performance touring air board. E-Ticket with its wide tail provides a stable platform in “busier” water and more stability when the board is loaded up with gear or extra weight from kids, dogs, etc. Multiple handles, D-rings, and tie down bungee for gear We constructed this board with our very durable and reliable drop stitch fusion technology which promotes stiffness and protection and gives a nice hard board style feel when inflated correctly. The outer rail is made of higher density to promote impact strength and stiffness for added performance and strength. E-Ticket is the ultimate ride for stability and gear toting adventure. Comes with roller bag, air pump, repair patch kit, and fin!


E-Ticket Air Inflatable Boards